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Sometimes we are born with disabilities, sometimes other people injure us, sometimes challenges develop as we grow older.  No matter the disability or the age of the person, it’s rare to find a single law firm that offers so many approaches to the problems your life revolves around every day.

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January 2015Attorney David Banas joins Hickman & Lowder. His areas of practice include elder law, Medicaid planning, estate planning, guardianship, probate,…
Andrea Aycinena joins the Maximum Accessible Housing of Ohio board.
05/3- Race to Empower
05/5- The ABC's of Capacity, Competence, and Informed Consent
05/5- When Roles Reverse

Turning Your Obstacles into Opportunities

We believe in the value of each human being, and that everyone, regardless of age, health, or capacity, deserves the best life possible. The elder law and special needs attorneys at Hickman & Lowder chose to practice law because it allows us a meaningful way to advocate for people whose lives are complicated by special concerns and frustrated by a sometimes impersonal, imperfect system.

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