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Happy coupleWe believe in the value of each human being, and that everyone, regardless of age, health, or capacity, deserves the best life possible. Each attorney at Hickman & Lowder chose to practice law because it allows us a meaningful way to advocate for people whose lives are complicated by special concerns and frustrated by an impersonal, imperfect system.

We know it can be scary and stressful to manage the challenges of securing a good life for yourself, for family with disabilities or special needs, and for elders. Our unwavering dedication to transforming your access to guidance and care gives you a new vantage on those challenges. By meeting your lifetime legal needs with compassion and vision, we empower you and your circle of support to fully understand options and make decisions that bring long-lasting relief. Our work also enables the community as a whole to support and respect your needs.

Looking for the ease a trusted partner can bring? Helping secure your desired way of life is our way of life. Let's get started together.

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