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Sonja's Suggestions: Dancing

Monday, 31 March 2014 11:22

SS1Greetings!  Spring has finally arrived and folks in our reception area are feeling a bounce in their step.  So let’s celebrate the season that is providing us with some exuberant energy by dancing!  Yes, dancing.  It’s a good form of exercise, a lot of fun, and a great way to go out and socialize with your friends and family.  This winter kept many people cooped up in their homes, so this will be the perfect way to get out and shake the winter blues away.

A few suggestions:

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Movie Review: ALPHÉE OF THE STARS (2012)

Monday, 31 March 2014 10:58


filmParents of children with special needs often think about what the future may hold for their child.  What path will they take in life?  What opportunities await them?  What challenges will they face?  These concerns are the subject of Alphée of the Stars (2012), a film that I recently had the pleasure of viewing at the 2014 Cleveland International Film Festival.  This endearing documentary was narrated and filmed by Hugo Latulippe, the father of a child with many challenges, as he strove to show the world from his daughter’s perspective.

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Sonja's Suggestions: Grocery Delivery

Friday, 28 February 2014 10:53

SS1As our Receptionist, Sonja Kraljevic frequently speaks with clients about everything from the weather to their family histories.  During these conversations, she often hears about challenges they are facing, as well.  Over time, she has noticed that people often have similar needs and concerns, so she decided to start a new monthly column with simple suggestions based on the topics trending in the reception area of our Cleveland office. 

A recent conversation with a client about the polar vortex made me stop and think.  I found myself worrying about people who are stuck in their house because they can’t get out of their driveway or because they are afraid they may slip and fall on the ice. I mean, how would they get to the grocery store or to the drug store if they weren’t able to leave the house? The idea that some stores may still do home deliveries came to me. So, my suggestions are:

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The Perfect Marriage

Thursday, 27 February 2014 14:42

ringsHa! I’ll bet when you saw the title of this article that you thought it was going to be about husbands and wives and wedding vows and, well, you know…marriage. This is not a commentary about that kind of marriage. But, if I’ve got your attention, read on. You’ll get to the marriage part eventually…


I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me, “What’s a social worker doing in a law firm?” To be honest, it was just that question that led me to my first job interview with Hickman & Lowder nearly four and a half years ago. 

I remember when Jill Fowler, our Director of Administration, phoned me as a follow up after I forwarded my resume to her. It had been several weeks or more since she had received my information and I was a bit surprised by her call – it was long enough that I thought that someone else had been hired.   Once Jill and I exchanged information about the nature of the call, the conversation went pretty much like this: 

Jill: “Are you still interested in the job at Hickman & Lowder?” 

Me: “Well, I’m not really interested. I’m more curious than interested.” (Probably not the best ‘first impression’ response when one wants to be considered for a new job…) 

Jill: “Are you curious enough to come in for an interview?” 

And that I was.


The above conversation initiated a series of interviews that led to my being hired as the Firm’s very first Care Coordinator and also marked the beginning of an uncommon union, the marriage of law and social work.

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