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Disabled Voters are Enfranchised Voters

| Oct 15, 2018 | Adults With Disabilities

We are excited to share a short, 30-second video created to help empower voters with disabilities.  It was produced for Ohioans with disabilities by All Voting is Local with help from Milestones Autism Resources.  (I’m honored to be one of the Board Members of Milestones!)

Although the deadline to register in Ohio has already passed, this information reminds us that people with disabilities, even with a guardian or in a hospital, have the right to vote and fully participate in democracy.  Sadly, there is too much misinformation out there about voting rights for people with disabilities.

Please check it out:

The attorneys of Hickman & Lowder work to protect the rights of people with disabilities to fully participate in our society as equal citizens.  Please share this information up through the election and beyond.  There’s always another election!