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We meet the lifetime legal needs of children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.


Find out what our clients say about working with Hickman Lowder‘s attorneys and staff.

“Professional, available and personable”

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the assistance I have received from (licensed independent social worker) Janelle Leonard. I live in Northern California and have tried to oversee the care of my cousin’s daughter who lives in Cleveland and is a client of your firm. Her uncle is her only family contact in Cleveland and is also a client of your firm. There was little information on her needs and abilities and I have met her only three times when in Cleveland. Without Janelle’s assistance, my cousin’s care and living situation would be deplorable.

Janelle keeps her word, keeps me informed always, and follows through with all the relevant county and group home staff.

The distance between my cousin’s daughter and myself, and my limited knowledge of Ohio disability law and her entitlements make it difficult to help from afar. Janelle is always professional, available and personable, and I am grateful.

Thank you for the work you and your staff does for those who are disabled and in need of legal assistance. –L.B.

“I never hesitate to recommend them.”

My experience with Hickman Lowder began with my personal estate documents. From there I went to Guardianship and Medicaid for my husband and estate responsibilities after my parents died, and after that, my husband’s passing. Throughout that time, I have always felt that I had the most wonderful professionals advocating for me. We were partners taking care of the business of life and death with my best interest always the focus. I have described my experience when I speak with people who ask me to recommend a legal firm as “flawless.” I can’t remember any deadline missed or any legal request denied because their work ethic was such that we were prepared for each situation completely.

I have always believed in creating a team that I trust and respect to help me with all aspects of my personal life. Hickman Lowder turned out to be an extraordinary team partner in every way. I have counted on their expertise and commitment to excellence and I have been extremely satisfied with every person I encountered in the firm. They helped me when I needed important help and I never hesitate to recommend them. –H.B.

“The experience was great.”

My experience with the firm of Hickman Lowder was very good. At a time of confusion and stress, Ethan A. Welch and Margaret Mauerer were a great help as I was trying to get my wife on Medicaid. They took the control of the situation and guided me on what was needed of me to complete the the tasks. After much help from them of correcting my mistakes, the task was completed.

Then they updated all of my personal documents, Will, POA and others.

I am so glad that I heard from a friend about Hickman Lowder (word of mouth). The experience was great. Also I have passed on business cards to others and suggested that if they need help to contact your firm. I will be returning for the next renewal, plus others if needed. –C.S.

“You change the lives of others.”

I am very blessed to have met you (Helen) and that you believed in me and my daughter so much that you Mr. Hickman, even called while away from work. Never doubt that both of you were meant to do this in life and you change the lives of others and create futures for those who may not have had one otherwise. There are no words to express my gratitude and the appreciation and respect I have for both of you. –M.B.

“Legal advice is top notch.”

We’ve gone to Janet Lowder for 15 years and she has been a tremendous asset in helping plan for the needs of our special needs daughter, an only child. Not only is the legal advice top notch, but Janet has been great in guiding us through the options available to us through her vast network. We feel much better about the planning for our daughter because of our relationship with this firm. -B.B.