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We meet the lifetime legal needs of children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.

Welcome To Hickman Lowder

At Hickman Lowder, we believe in the value of each human being, and that everyone, regardless of age, health, or capacity, deserves the best life possible.

Each attorney at Hickman Lowder chose to practice law because it allows us a meaningful way to advocate for people whose lives are complicated by special concerns and frustrated by an impersonal, imperfect system.

You are doing important and challenging work right now. It might make you feel unbalanced, unsure and alone.

We have been down that path, too. We know it inside and out. And at the same time, we recognize and honor that your path is unique. Click on the links below to read about our attorneys.

Learn about our entire team here, and read about Franklin J. Hickman’s remarkable career.

You Matter

It’s important to us to find out where you’re coming from, to learn your stories, and provide you with a safe space to experience this big thing with as little added stress as possible. When we can zero in together, and offer you clarity, options, nourishment, support, we honor what’s most central to you and your family.

Embracing each other in times of challenge is what it’s all about.

For nearly four decades, we have been on the forefront of transforming access to guidance and care, literally changing the legal terrain in our areas of practice. Our unique and authoritative lens on this terrain, and our steadfast, conscious commitment to meeting your needs with compassion, combine to provide YOU a new vantage on your challenges. No matter where you’re coming from, we have ideas that can expand your awareness, reduce your stress, and redefine what is possible.

We’re In This Together

Other firms may talk about what their attorneys can do for you. Here at Hickman Lowder, we focus on what we can do WITH you.

You Have Questions: It’s Safe To Explore

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