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We meet the lifetime legal needs of children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.

Trusted Attorneys For Medicaid Eligibility, Planning And Asset Protection

If you, your spouse, or another loved one needs long-term care, will it consume every bit of valuable life savings? You’re trying to be smart, do the right thing, and keep everyone’s spirits up, including your own. But untangling regulations and contending with the county Medicaid office is simply overwhelming. You need solid information, thoughtful guidance and a realistic plan.

Hands-On Guidance And Support

Hickman Lowder is your steady hand. We’re here to assist you and your family in accessing community services and planning for long-term care. No matter who contacts us, the needs of the elderly person are always held paramount and will drive the planning process.

Our job is to help you identify and explore options. Our attorneys explain the Medicaid eligibility rules and application process, and provide compassionate guidance consistent with your wishes and best interests.

You can rely on us to navigate the shifting legal landscape and to understand how modern asset protection techniques can be used to your benefit. All along the way, we guide you through the steps you or your loved one must take, dispelling the myths and helping you budget for the best possible care. We go to Medicaid appointments for you and support your application for benefits. We can even find ways to correct missteps before it’s too late.

Building Relationships

Our paralegals, who work with the attorneys in our Medicaid practice area, often meet with clients to collect the required information for the Medicaid application. We strive to maintain close communication with you and to continue to build strong relationships with other agencies and professionals, to ensure the entire community is working on your behalf. For your convenience, we maintain a statewide practice and can serve clients throughout Ohio.

Medicaid is unfortunately complex. With our legal team on your side to help you make good decisions, the services you need, the respect and dignity you deserve, and the peace of mind you crave are at your fingertips.

Get The Help You Need

For more information on Ohio Medicaid eligibility and long-term care, please contact:

To reach us by phone, call our Northeast Ohio offices at 216-861-0360.