Hickman Lowder

We meet the lifetime legal needs of children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.

What We Do

At Hickman Lowder, our law practice was born of a true respect for the value and potential of our fellow human beings. We’ve chosen our areas of practice specifically to advocate for people whose lives are complicated by special concerns, people who need the understanding and surety of a trusted partner to help navigate the complexities of the legal terrain and help them secure the best life possible.

We look forward to getting to know you, and to walking forward with you.

Children With Special Needs

Raising a child with special needs is a lifelong commitment. We know you’re striving for the best for your child. You both deserve reliable information and staunch advocacy. We understand the immeasurable relief that comes from having a knowledgeable partner in all of this hard choice-making. We’re here to support your child’s well-being and ease future challenges.

We also represent organizations that support parents of children with mental and physical disabilities.

Adults With Disabilities

With all the legal and governmental details to navigate, protecting the safety and comfort of an adult with disabilities can feel like an uphill battle.

With all your ongoing daily concerns, how do you begin to plan for security?

From Medicaid to planning for guardianship to the intricacies of Estate Planning for someone with special needs, we can help you turn your obstacles into opportunities.

Elders And Their Caregivers

Aging brings on many changes and concerns. Likewise, the laws governing finance and healthcare for older people are constantly changing. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the details of creating security for yourself or your loved ones.

Elder law is an unique area of legal expertise. In addition to special certifications in the field not often found at other firms, our team includes professionals with backgrounds in mental health and social services for elders, allowing us to serve you with comprehensive counsel. Our guidance can bring things into clear focus and create the balance you’re looking for.

Estate Planning

You’re never to old – or too young – to think about protecting what you’ve earned.  An estate plan explains your wishes for how your assets will be handled after you’re gone, or if a time comes that you’re unable to manage them yourself.

You might be wondering why it makes sense to get guidance on something like general estate planning from a law firm that specializes in helping more vulnerable populations; because we have so much experience working with people who live with disabilities, we have a perspective on “the big picture” that other attorneys often don’t. Learn more about our estate planning mindset, and how we can help you protect your assets.

How To Contact Us

To speak with one of our attorneys, contact us through our website or call our Northeast Ohio offices at 216-861-0360.