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We meet the lifetime legal needs of children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, and their families.

Elders And Their Caregivers

Planning for the senior years can be overwhelming. Aging brings on many changes and concerns. Likewise, the laws governing finance and health care for older people are constantly changing. You may not know exactly what you need or what your options are, but you’ve heard lots of rumors (and probably a few horror stories).

What’s The Right Way To Make These Decisions?

At Hickman Lowder, forward thinking is second nature for our elder law attorneys. Your comfort and security are why we practice a caring, comprehensive approach to problem-solving.

Whether your concerns are about Medicaid, Social Security, retirement and disability planning, long-term and nursing care options, or providing for your family and leaving a legacy, the elder law attorneys at Hickman Lowder can help you and your family make a clear, thorough plan.

Our attorneys are among Ohio’s elder law pioneers. Our team’s varied professional backgrounds in mental health, as well as certifications in elder law* and dementia practice, enable us to imagine the big picture in ways that other elder law attorneys often do not, and provide you with thoughtful, comprehensive counsel.

Rather than make a “one size fits all” recommendation, our elder law attorneys take the time to get to know you as an individual and to learn about your particular circumstances. We’re here to listen, and creatively and realistically plan for your security. We help you sort things out, understand your choices, and prioritize. Then we prepare the legal documents essential to protecting you and those you care about. Previously daunting notions about items like durable powers of attorney, living wills and advance directives, probate and estates, revocable living trusts and wills, etc., become tools for your success.

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Beyond The Planning, Beyond The Documents

Not only do we educate you about your options and document your intentions, we also help you find and pay for long-term care services. Our compassionate guidance helps you navigate the complex choices and find a solution that’s right for you and your family. Good decision-making takes solid information and thoughtful guidance. Hickman Lowder is your steady hand.

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