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Meditation to Reduce Stress During Tough Cases

| Apr 12, 2019 | Mental Health

My clients are often faced with very stressful situations.  That’s why they come to a lawyer in the first place.  This is particularly true if a loved one’s needed government benefits are at stake or if there is a dispute within a family.  These are tough, emotionally draining cases for those experiencing the conflict.

Recently, I represented a client in a contested case about a loved one.  The stress was so much that his blood pressure was rising to dangerous levels.  The uncertainty and conflict were hurting him.  Because I understand (from personal experience) how hard these situations can be, I try to be a supportive listener.  And, given the stress of these situations, it often makes good sense to seek professional help.  This can make a big difference in how my clients feel about their case and themselves.

But what else can someone do to help themselves?  There are many meditation techniques which reduce stress.  In my client’s case, we used creative visualization to see a positive outcome.

Was this a substitution for proper legal preparation? No.

Did the visualization change the outcome?  I think probably not.  Although in some cases, who knows …?

In this case, my client got the outcome he wanted.  Not surprisingly, his blood pressure returned to normal, which may have been the outcome whether he was happy or disappointed with the case.  The stress of not knowing was over.  There was an answer.

So, while sometimes the stress in these cases doesn’t go away until the case is over, at least there are techniques my clients can use to empower themselves.  As an attorney, I am honored to assist my clients in any way I can to get through these tough cases.  I want them to reach a good outcome with their emotional needs well-tended.